ASVÖ-Halle Graz | Styria | Austria
17. April 2024

Welcome to Austrian's largest Judoevent in 2016!

Results IT 2016

Dear Judokas and friends of Judo!!

In the year 2015 you were guests at our tournament here in Graz. Therefore it is a special pleasure for us to invite you and the athletes from your club to take part in our tournament this year again!

CREATIV Graz periodically organizes Judo tournaments. It is well-known for its perfect organization and for its established field of starters. Last year CREATIV hosted 975 athletes from 23 nations.

Right now we have fixed the date for our event, the

18. Int. CREATIV tournament 2016, April 23 and April 24, 2016

Attention: New Location 2016 - ASVÖ-Halle in Graz!!

Also, due to the great number of participants of all age and weight groups, this tournament appears to be an excellent qualification challenge! In order to enable an efficient planning process of national and foreign clubs and organizations, we strongly encourage you to forward this message to the responsible coaches of your cadres and association, respectively.

IMPORTANT: Please mark this event in your planner! and publish the event on your web site.

The official call for participation is published at: Downloads

We are looking forward to seeing you in Graz and welcoming you at our tournament 2016!